Thursday, December 30, 2010

How In The Heck Do You Get It All Done?

Hello everyone!  I've been away for a few days, as you might have noticed.  For those of you who haven't known me most of my life I'm here to tell you about how weird I get this time of year, which might explain why I haven't tended to the blog.

Of course I was all aflurry with Christmas preparations and hobnobbing about on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It was a lovely holiday, with the grand goodbye to 2010 and anticipatory hello to 2011 yet to come.  With all the activity going on I have even less time to gather my thoughts than I do during non-holiday times of year, and I have a hard enough time gathering the thoughts then.

I don't know if it's the excitement of a fresh new year that gets the wheels turning again, or if it's a restless boredom with the old that compells me to take new charge of my life, but I do know the week between Christmas and New Years always gives me an uncomfortable feeling of insecurity, ineptitude, and unwelcome sluggishness.  With these feelings comes the compulsion to change it all...RIGHT NOW!

Taking new charge of one's life at the beginning of a new year can't be a bad thing, but it can be overwhelming.  Especially when taking charge involves things as big as a studio remodel and, as small as cleaning that patch of grunge on the cupboard door in the kitchen, and everything (and I mean everything) in between.  The list of things I want to do is a mile long and include new projects as well as projects I've neglected for months.  The problem is, I feel like I need to get it all done at once.

When I realize that's impossible I get dizzy trying to fit the tasks into those tiny twenty-four hour days we are afforded.  It's not so much that I'm working on the tasks so much as attempting to devise ways to satisfy my desires.  That is to say I spend way to much time planning on how I'm going to get these projects done rather than actually doing the projects.

Bad, bad, bad.

2011 Organizer by msvalerieparkdistro

So for now, I'm going through that weird holiday slump where I'm terribly unproductive and unrealistically thinking I'll turn into Super Woman overnight and accomplish everything after I get a little sleep.  I'm dissatisfied with knowing I can't get everything done at once.  I'm also too dang lazy to chip away at it a little at a time.  I think it's a variation on having the blues.

Stained Glass Winter Evening by FoundGlassDesigns

How do you organize the tasks you have to accomplish?  Do you have time to give your best to each role you play in your life ~ mother, employee, daughter, friend, housekeeper, cook, wife?  Are you able to prioritize effectively?  Do you create Outlook task lists or Excel spreadsheeets to keep your projects and chores in order?  I'd love to hear how you all manage it, even if you don't think you manage it perfectly.  I really need your insight and inspiration.


Anonymous said...

I used to be a freak about everything being perfect. Clean house, clean kids, clean clothes, everything in it's place, always on time. Then one day about 5 years ago, my husband asked me when I was going to come down off my broom. I realized in my quest to be the perfect everything, I was making myself and everyone else miserable. So, I lowered my standards. My house isn't always spotless, but it's picked up each night. I was busy cooking for our family Christmas party, and asked my sister-in-law if anyone would notice if I didn't dust. Five years ago that idea would never have crossed my mind. I'm not a happier person and my family likes that my brooms been gathering dust (most of the time). WBL Mom

Anonymous said...

OK - Anonymous had a little problem typing - the last sentence should read
"I'm NOW a happier person....."

Sara said...

WBL Mom, thank you. Glad you could find your groove and that it is agreeable to everyone in your household. Isn't it true that we are our own worst critics and most likely the only one scrutinizing the dust bunnies in the corners are ourselves?

However, I don't think there's supposed to be stuff growing in the toilet. Icky!

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