Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cheep Cheep Cheep

A little while ago Husby and I were so happy to see in the Christmas tree stashed in our back yard a perfectly constructed robin's nest.  Within that nest were three perfectly constructed robin eggs.

Husby and I are often very enamored with bitty little animals and love and protect them like we would our own children. Little bird eggs are no exception. No, we're not weirdos who think animals are human and we don't interfere with the natural circle of life or the vicious food chain. We don't handle the tiny new creatures who happen to be born in our back yard, but I root for them and hope with all my might that they survive in their wee states.

I was thrilled to see that all three perfectly created robin eggs had hatched and all three bitty birds were keeping each other warm in the nest once they broke out into the big world.

How tiny and bare these little creations. I was tempted to stroke with a single finger that soft fluff, but resisted.

After the Memorial Day weekend I went out and checked out the inhabitants of our Christmas tree once again. Mrs. Robin flew quickly from the nest as I approached, and as I was positioning myself to click a photo she made a beeline for my head ~ grazing it lightly, but enough to startle me. I took the best picture I could and decided it would be the last time I wander back to take a least for a week or two until the little birds look more like birds than bugs.

But see, they're looking more like birds every day.

It's so much fun to see these little creatures grow.  Pretty soon they'll be hopping across the lawn with open mouths behind their mama who will pick worms out of the ground and feed her babies with her findings.  And then, at long last the little fluff balls will be full grown robins able to fend for themselves.

Oh, they grow up so quickly.


Nano said...

Wow what great photos especially the gorgeous blue on those eggs in the nest. Even the nest is storybook like. Isn't watching the birds great? We have a bed and breakfast chalet (feeder and birdhouse combo) in our front yard and I sit at the breakfast table and watch the chickadees flitting in and out. Soooooo cute. And, I love their "Pheeebeeee" twirp.

Sara said...

Nano, your "bed and breakfast" sounds like it could provide many hours of entertainment. While I wouldn't consider myself a bird watcher per se, I do like to see the many different varieties that visit our yard.

Happy chirping!

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