Monday, June 27, 2011


Time is very amused by me.  It laughs when I try to persist as much as it does.  A concept given human measurement, time always was and always will be.  I foolishly tried to keep up with time, always accounting for every moment, never wasting a one.  I discovered it is best to let time win the race to eternity.  I can't keep up, and I won't.

For now I'm going to sit and watch time trudge on while I sit on my derriere and drink a glass of wine.  Instead of seeing how much I can get done in this many minutes I'm going to see how many minutes I can spend doing nothing.  I'm going to let my mind run, or let it go blank, whatever it so chooses.  I'm not going to be productive today.  I'm going to savor the passage of time instead of account for it.

Photo by appleplusskeleton

1 comment:

MaryAnn said...

Finally - you've tapped into the wonderful world of idleness! You must be channeling me today!

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