Friday, June 03, 2011

Custom Made, Just For You

When you're in the crafty business you get a lot of help.  People of all kinds, friends and strangers alike, have all kinds of suggestions and ideas.  Lots of times they're really good ideas, but I'm only one person and can execute only so many of these ideas in a year. 

Over a year ago a woman saw my bottle cap drink charms and she got an idea.  I created a set of custom charms for her with the characters of one of her favorite movies.  She walked away a happy camper and I was very happy I could accommodate her request.

Recently that same woman contacted me via an Etsy convo.  For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, the convo is an internal e-mail system where Etsy members can converse with each other.  I received this convo and lo and behold she had another idea.  Another brilliant idea. 

A friend of hers is graduating with a PhD.  What a marvelous and admirable accomplishment.  She thought it would be a fun idea to give as a gift a set of bottle cap drink charms depicting the theorists he used in his dissertation.  While she confessed she thought the idea was "geeky," I thought it was a really fun and unique idea for a graduation gift. 

We went to work together.  She gathered pictures of the theorists and I worked them into the charms.  I must say we make a great team.

So, at the risk of ruining a graduation surprise, may I present to you The Great Names In Christian Ethics...

Kudos to the gift giver who thought of this fantasic idea, and a million thanks to her for trusting me to turn her idea into a tangible gift. 

A couple of years ago another person commissioned me to make charms for a Girl's Weekend involving all of the female members of the family; each "girl" got a charm with her picture on it. All weekend long they had their own personal charms identifying their wine glass.

If you have ideas for custom bottle cap drink charms or magnets, let me know and perhaps we can work together on a project.  Ideas would be wedding favors, save-the-date magnets, family reunions, and class reunions.  Contact me at, or if you're a member at Etsy (buyer or seller) shoot me a convo with your proposition.

Auntie B would love to be at your service!

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