Monday, July 07, 2008

And Now, Weekend Update, With Auntie B...

Good morning. I'm Auntie B and you're not. (Apologies to those too young to remember the SNL Weekend Update with Chevy Chase.)

Welcome back from the long holiday weekend. Husbie and I spent the weekend at the family cottage in Wisconsin, along with my parents and Charlotte's whole family. The weather was much more mild than it apparently was in the cities - the heat and humidity was stifling when we returned Sunday night.

Despite the spring-like temperatures, I had an opportunity to take a dip in the very cool water of the lake. Charlotte and I took it upon ourselves to scrub and wax the cottage floor, working up quite a sweat. Without the convenience of running water, freshening up means jumping into the lake rather than the shower. The initial plunge was quite a shock, but the overall swim was very refreshing.

The dry wood floor of the cottage was refreshed too. It gets quite a beating through the summers and had been neglected for many years save for two or three sweepings a day with a straw broom. After a few hours on our hands and knees scrubbing vigorously, and two coats of wax, Charlotte and I insisted everyone take their shoes off while in the cottage. For the first time in years we could walk the old pine floor without turning our socks grey.

Photo compliments of Husbie. Thanks, dear.

On the night of the 4th we all gathered at the shore of the lake for a fireworks show. There were many displays including our own, and cheers could be heard around the lake after especially impressive fountains and aerials. The night was calm and the water was still, reflecting the showers of colored light.

All in all it was a great weekend filled with good food and fun times. Of course the American flag waved over our humble little cottage every day. God bless America!

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