Thursday, July 24, 2008

Auntie B Caught Lying

It's Thursday again, and Husby and I will be dining at Marketfest in downtown White Bear Lake, MN. Last week I announced that this week would be the last week of Marketfest. It's not. There's one more after tonight. I'm pretty sure. Wait, let me go check... Yep, tonight and next Thursday, then it will be all over.

The music featured at tonight's Marketfest is especially nice. At the gazebo will be Big Walter Smith and the Groove Merchants. Big Walter filled in for Big Twist for a few songs one night at The Cabooze... Oh, I'm not going to get into all that. Suffice it to say, the Bigs are blues singers, and good ones at that. Big Twist died a while back and I haven't heard live blues in forever, so I'll be eager to see how Big Walter is doing these days.

This is Big Walter Smith, of Big Walter Smith and the Groove Merchants.

This is Big Twist, of Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows. It's all kind of a deja vu thing, don't you think?

Also this evening at Marketfest on the Qwest 3rd Street Stage is John Evans and Dan Perry. I have a soft spot in my heart for John Evans as I've pretty much had a crush on him and his singing ever since I was in grade school, and plus he sang at my wedding. John's got one of those voices that just gets better and better the older he gets. I can hardly wait to hear what he sounds like when he's 103. (Note: don't try to google a picture of John Evans, because you'll only get body builders and other musicians that aren't the John Evans. The John is a local figure, hence, not very googleable.)

The Farmer's Daughter also has a booth at Marketfest, which is something I take a particular interest in as I consign at the store. Last week a few of my drink charm sets, magnets, and candles sold. Hopefully they'll be a hit tonight too. Visit the booth if you're at Marketfest, and visit the store after Marketfest is done for the year.

Besides attending a small birthday gathering for my mother-in-law, this weekend is wide open for, well, just about anything. I've been meaning to get some sleep, maybe I can squeeze some in between bottle capping, candle pouring, and hanging clothes on the clothesline.

And don't get all mad at me because I linked to Marketfest eleventy times, as well as a bunch of other stuff. I'm still thinking is really cool I know how to do things like link and attach pictures and other techie stuff. When you're pushing fifty, you apply technology where you can.

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