Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paenney

Dear Paenney,

Today is a wonderful day because it is the anniversary of the day you were born. You're sixteen years old and the size of a full-grown man. You're also quite a character with much imagination and a good sense of humor. Those are very fine qualities to have.

I remember when you were swaddled in a little cocoon looking like a peanut. There's some auntie talk for you. I might as well be pinching your cheeks while saying, "Oh you're so big!" Well, you are, and I'm amazed at how large such a little creature can become in a mere sixteen years. Sometimes I'm still surprised that you can feed yourself. Time has flown and you have quickly turned into quite an extraordinary young man. But you'll always be a little Rooney Tooney to me.

Happy Birthday!


Mighty Little Foot

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