Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Farmer's Daughter

White Bear Lake, Minnesota is a lovely suburb of St. Paul and is known for it's quaint shops and small-town feel.  Unlike lots of other suburbs with their strip malls and freeway access, White Bear Lake is like a little town unto itself.  I love White Bear Lake.

One of the shining stars of White Bear Lake is a shop known as The Farmer's Daughter.  It's full of handmade goodness from local crafters and artisans.  Last Friday The Farmer's Daughter hosted a Wine Showcase, featuring wine-related items in the shop.  There were also special guests in attendance.

Meet John and Connie.  They own Wine Obsession, a service that will help you make your own wine, right in White Bear Lake.  You don't even have to grow your own grapes!  They served samples of wines made with the wine-making kits they offer.  Delicious!  I really loved the chocolate raspberry port.

If you'd like more information on Wine Obsession and how to join the fun of making your own wine, contact The Farmer's Daughter

Sandi was also in attendance.  She makes the most delicious wine jellies. 

I bought two jars myself. As you may know, jellies are not just for toast anymore. Sandi told me all about the different things you can do with her jellies, including using them for pancake syrup and mixing them into meatloaf. Who knew?  You can find out more about these winey jellies here.  You'll love them.

The Farmer's Daughter isn't just about wine, however.  It's a shop full of rustic treasures, kitchy magnets, beautiful stitchery, and every other kind of artsy, crafty thing you can think of.  Take a look...

What did I tell you?  There's a little bit of everything.  Wait, there's more!

Right now The Farmer's Daughter has the autumn theme in full swing. 

The Farmer's Daughter is the perfect place to shop ~ you can get gifts for your girlies and goodies for your gala. 

Yes, I know a farmer's daughter, and she's one of my favorite people.  If you haven't visited this shop, it's about time you did.  If you're a visitor in the Twin Cities area, come on up to White Bear Lake and make The Farmer's Daughter one of your stops.  The farmer's daughter is a charm, and so is her store!

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Cheri said...

I will have to stop by, looks like fun!

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