Thursday, February 03, 2011


Well, it's pretty much done.  Can you believe it?  I can't.  I really, really can't believe how much better the new and improved Craftland is.  Remember the old Craftland?  No?  That's probably a good thing.  Even I can't remember the squalor in which I worked.  But let's refresh our memories.

Here's a picture of the ickiness that was a dumping ground for...whatever.

And here is the mess that was my disorganized shelves.

Look at the improvements I made to that wall!

Oh sure, it may still look all jumbled and disorganized to you, but I know where everything is and there really is a rhyme and reason to how it's all arranged.

Remember my sorry desk/work space?  Or should I say lack of work space?

Now I have room to write, cut, glue, package, or just sit and contemplate my next move.

I have room for some little trinket holders, a clock, my timer, and Kleenexes and room to work.  What could be more luxurious? 

And remember that other shelving unit?  It scared me the most.  Way too much stuff on it. 

When I was going through everything on the shelves I found things I forgot I ever made, creating new products to offer my adoring customers!

Now look at this tidy unit!
All of my craft show props are on the bottom shelf.  All of my molds are on the shelf above that.  And see all of those bottles?  Those are my fragrance oils.  And yes, they are in alphabetical order!
A few weeks ago when I took the "before" pictures I was too ashamed to even take one of my candle-pouring area.  It was functional, yes, but small and cluttered to the nth degree.  Thanks to Husby and his shelving unit prowess I have a candle-pouring station more than twice the size of my original set-up so I can really s p r e a d  o u tIt makes me positively giddy.  It's so long I couldn't even fit it all in the picture!
I really love the shelves underneath the work area for storing my waxes, dyes and myriad of candle-making tools.  And check out the cushy floor padding!  There's also a rug under my desk/work area that makes everything look and feel homey and cozy.
I'm also happy to announce that my mascot, Dolly, still stands in a prominent place in Craftland.  She always smiles approvingly at whatever I create.
There are still more improvements to make.  Husby is going to help me hang some old prints on the walls as well as rig up an awesome wick dispenser.  We're also going to have an electrician come in and provide me with better lighting. 
For the most part, my little corner of the creative world is up and running.  Finally!  I have room for everything I need and room to grow.  Fancy aesthetic elements will cozy up the area before too long.  Now that creation can resume, my new Etsy shop will be opening in the very near future.  I can hardly wait!

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