Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Fun

With temperatures nearing fifty degrees last week the piles of snow we got this winter were finally shrinking.  But with February and March the snow loses its lovely, crisp white color and changes to gray, brown, and even black.  The waning of winter and introduction to spring is ugly and uncomfortable to me.  It's my least favorite time of year.

Lo and behold the temperatures dropped and we were afforded another chance at winter with a major snow storm.  Most people complain about the foot of snow that was dumped on us, but I'm glad to see the clean whiteness of the earth again.  I don't want to think about it turning dingy and dreary right now, even though I know it will.

*awkward segue here*  There's a new addition to Craftland I'd like you to see.  Can you guess what it is?

Not a very good picture, but yes you got it right ~ it's a penguin.  But do you really know what it is?

Over five years ago this was salvaged from my grandparents' garage.  It was my mom's sled.  It has to date back to at least the 1940s and I just couldn't bear to see it end up in an auction, or worse yet a landfill.  There's too much history here, and a sentimental piece of my mom's past. 

With the new snow I should just take this old thing to the golf course and ride it down the hill.  But I remember my cracked coccyx and think it's better where it is, mounted in Craftland.  Thanks to Husby this old sled has a new home out of the way and against the wall in Craftland where I can admire it every time I go to work.

What a cool piece of memorabilia, even though the only memories I have of this sled are the ones of it stored in Grandma and Grandpa's garage, way in the back, where it was dark and scary.  It has a much better home up against the orange walls of Craftland.

Do you have any large pieces from your parents' pasts?  Are you storing them away where they can't be seen, or are you thinking of creative ways to display or use them?  I'd love to hear the stories!

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