Monday, February 14, 2011


Here I am, in case you were looking for me.

I've been away, partly because I was helping take care of a kindly old man in the hospital.  He fared the poking and prodding and overall discomfort of his condition pretty well, and is quickly on the road to recovery.  For that I'm grateful, because if he is homebound for much longer I'm afraid he'll make a scene.

When I/he/all-of-us left the hospital we were greeted by a deep freeze.  I think the others managed well despite the subzero temperatures, but I froze solid.  My fingers were stiff from cold, unable to type, which as you know is kind of a requirement when presenting a blog.  My brain was unable to fire synapses or whatever kind of electrical thing it does to make a body and mind function.  My bones were brittle, dried out from the bitter breath of Old Man Winter.  I'm not complaining by any means.  I am one of very few Minnesotans who likes wintertime.  It's just that sometimes it renders me completely stone-like, as though I had cast my eyes upon Medusa.  It's a survival thing, conserving any bit of heat left in my body.  I sit quietly and wait for it to pass.

Within the span of a few days the temperature went from ten degrees below zero to fifty degrees...above zero.  I can't tell you if spring is on its way, but I know I thawed out a little, and my fingers are able to type again.

With the melting snow comes a new energy.  I've been receiving invitations to apply for spring and summer craft shows.  I've been organizing my new craftland, business paperwork, and home.  I feel the spring cleaning surge coming on.  And finally, after nearly three months of planning (which isn't nearly enough), I will be reopening my Etsy shop.  Look this week for the first of hundreds of items to be added over the next few months.  I'll have lots of the same items for sale you found in the previous shop, and will do my best to also keep things fresh with new items thrown into the mix.

So I guess the thaw has been good for me, be it permanent for the season or not.  I'm pushing forward with a new energy.  I hope it lasts.  Happy Monday everyone!  And give your sweetie a kiss ~ it's Valentine's Day!

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