Friday, February 18, 2011

A Weary Week

It was a long week for me.  I'm still trying to find my groove, although I'm happy enough to have been somewhat productive.  Here are some highlights and lowlights:

1.  Charlotte, the most organized and effective person I know, gave me some pointers on how to accomplish more in the measly twenty-four hours we are afforded in a day.  I've been working hard at applying her advice.  Don't you know, it actually works.  Interestingly enough I watched a presentation given by Etsy regarding the same subject and heard a lot of the same things Charlotte told me.  What?  Did everyone know about this stuff except me?  Maybe some day I'll share what I learned, even though you probably already know it.

2.  I can't remember what it's like to just sit and watch TV and actually pay attention to what I'm watching.  Formerly known as the TV Queen I'm a little ashamed of how I've fallen out of the loop.  More disappointing is how I can't find even two hours a week to just sit and watch a movie.  I'll have to keep working on #1 above, organizing and prioritizing so I can have a movie on the weekends without distraction.

3.  I've started a new regimen of no caffiene after coming home from the day job.  There will be a day when I cut it out of my daily routine completely, but for now I'm liking the juice and water in the evenings.  You're reading this post and laughing out loud, wondering what kind of person doesn't know how to plan a day or drink juice and water on a regular basis.  A person on autopilot who is spread too thin, that's who.

4.  Spent some time last week with my dad, who had a bad run-in with a kidney stone.  After a lot of treatment on his part and no sleep on my part, I've had a hard time this week figuring out what day it is.  Luckily I know today is Friday and I won't be going into the day job tomorrow.

5.  The new shop is open!  This is really exciting for me; however, starting an Etsy shop from scratch brings on some challenges.  The feedback from my old shop isn't readily available.  I haven't made my first sale yet and I think people will be afraid to jump in and get the ball rolling.  I make good stuff.  Really.

6.  I have a big, fresh bag of M&Ms to tear into and munch on throughout the weekend. 

7.  This weekend sleep will be mine. 

Have a lovely one, my friends.

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MaryAnn said...

You forgot one of the biggest highlights of your week - lunch with me! Geez! I'll forgive you though since your brain is obviously weary and probably misfiring. I did check out your new Esty shop and it looks great!

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