Friday, August 19, 2011

A Little Vignette

What is a home if it is not a series of little vignettes?  Vignettes are the little "scenes" that represent who we are and what we love. 

I knew a lady who decorated her home straight out of a magazine.  It was lovely; the colors coordinated and the furniture matched.  It was very...beige.  Safe and beige.  There wasn't a speck of personality in her home.  The only thing I could have told you about her from the inside of her house was that she had a way with house plants.  But maybe I'm being too judgemental.  Perhaps her personality was as beige as the interior of her home.

My home is a mishmash of styles, which is a total reflection of the mishmash going on inside my head.  But every once in a while you'll come across the vignettes.  My latest was created in a most unusual place, inside my bedroom closet.

I'm lucky that my closet is big enough to house my dresser (once shared by Charlotte and me when we were little girls).  Atop the chest of drawers I put a little lamp, two photographs of one of my favorite places, my jewelry box, pretty bottles of sweet smelling potions, and a grouping of little things I've collected in my travels or have received as gifts.  Hanging from the rod are some chain and bead necklaces, overflow from the jewelry box.  The little heart-shaped box keeps my childhood rosary and the larger stone keeper in front contains buttons that need to be sewn back into place on the garments from which they escaped. 

Some people may think it's pointless to display little knick-knacks and photos in a closet.  After all, who's going to see them?  I am.  They're there just for me.  And isn't that what the little vignettes are all about?  Nothing beige about that. 

Addendum: Since taking these photo I added some doilies my grandma crocheted, which make my dressertop even more pretty.  Do you have hidden vignettes in your house? 

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