Monday, August 15, 2011

The Party

We were there. Where were you? 

We gathered from far and wide to greet you, to inspire you, to tantilize you with our talents.  One of us embellishes with the hair of a horse.

Another makes homemaking cozy and fresh.

One gets her inspiration from the brightest star...

Another cuts through stone as though it was butter.

There was even one there who could hear people speaking from the great beyond.

And I was humbly there, among those greats, to create ambiance and ignite memories through the powerful sense of smell.

We gathered and waited for you, the life of the party. 

We were there.  Where were you?

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MaryAnn said...

I was out of town. Sorry you missed my presence so much! For future reference, you can go to my webpage - and book me in advance. Ha, ha! Sounds like you had a marvelous time anyway, in spite of my absence.

Sara said...

Auntie B's Wax does not endorse nor has any affiliation to I don't think MaryAnn does either.

MaryAnn said...

Oh my gosh, there really is a website?! Sorry, I thought I was just making that up! So, yes, please disregard my previous comment.

Amy Vasterling said...


I was there, I witnessed the vast openess of our surroundings. The renegade energy of the giant land mass on which we stood. It was mostly us and that big old land mass, no?

I am suprised to meet you right now in my journey and accept that as perfect even though some tiny place in my heart wishes we'd met years ago so we could share funny stories of times past. Perhaps this is for the future? Time will tell! I'm looking into the St Croix event. Might see ya there.

Sara said...

Amy, here's the weird part ~ I feel like we HAVE met before. I felt that way throughout the whole weekend and was trying to place you.

Keep in touch regarding Chateau St Croix. Let me know if you need any names or numbers. I think your talents, artistic and intuitive, would be a fabulous addition to their event.

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