Monday, August 29, 2011

Mr. Bubble

When I was a kid there was a product on the market called Mr. Bubble.  The commercials on TV were so merry and entertaining I thought Mr. Bubble was the be all end all to bathtime fun.  Of course at my house a bubble bath involved a squirt of dish soap because Mr. Bubble, well that was just too extravagant for the likes of us.   I had no idea, but Mr. Bubble was born a half century ago just like me.

To celebrate, Mr. Bubble is sharing his glory at the Minnesota State Fair with a giant bubble machine where kids can wallow in the clean goodness of Mr.  Bubble.  We're not talking Lawrence Welk bubbles, we're talking gobs and gobs of sudsy bubbles.  The kids love it!

I was tempted to jump in on the fun just to experience the ultimate in bubble goodness I had missed out on as a kid.  Watching the kids at the fair frolic around in the suds was just as entertaining and saved my hairdo to boot. 

Mr. Bubble.  Makes getting clean almost as much fun as getting dirty. 

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