Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things To See

It bums me out when people say they don't like the fair.  Don't like the fair?  What's not to like?  Nine out of ten times the hater will say they don't like the crowds.  Well, yes, every day at the fair there are thousands of people.

The thing is, they're all there for the same reason, which makes them a very friendly crowd.  We're all just walking around, laughing at each others' funny t-shirts and admiring what that stranger is eating over there or wondering where that other person got that pheasant hat.  And you know what?  You can even walk right up to them and ask, "what's that you're eating, " or "where did you get that pheasant hat?"  They'll tell you proudly and willingly.  Really, they're all very nice. 

Some things at the fair just tell it like it is.

There are some things that make you laugh like a little 4th grader because it sounds like a naughty word.

There are giant slides

and mini donuts.

You might see something that reminds you of your grandpa

or your ex-sister-in-law.

And there are thrills for all ages.

The State Fair just gives me goosebumps.  See you there tonight!

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