Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best Pet Ever

Husby and I frequently fantasize about living the dream.  "The dream" is different for everyone, but it's not uncommon for it to include a slower lifestyle.  Relaxed and carefree is plenty dreamy for me. 

There are animals included in our dream.  Goats and sheep because they're so cute.  Maybe a dog.  The thing is, I don't like the general smell of animals and I don't like to shovel poop.  Animals are also expensive and many times require one to wake up early in the morning; both of those factors are definitely not part of my dream.  However, we found something that we could both agree on...an alpaca.

Get this ~ alpacas aren't really that expensive if you aren't planning to breed them.  They aren't very big, so we could keep one in the back yard if we could convince city officials it is a large French poodle.  Another plus for alpacas is they don't eat very much.  Just a little grass and hay with a treat that looks like gerbil food once in a while.  Because they don't eat much they don't poop much.  Big plus!  And they'll pay for themselves after the first shearing. 

I would totally get an alpaca before I'd get a goat or sheep or even a dog.  They've got the most happy little faces and they make a very cute mooing noise. 

Of course if I have a farm animal under my care I'll probably have to learn how to do things like can fruits and vegetables, homeschool my children, and refrain from shaving my legs.  I'd be another Pioneer Woman*, sans book deals and TV shows.  And I'm sans kids, so I guess I don't have to worry about being smart enough to homeschool.  And seriously, how often do I shave my legs anyway?  I'm halfway there!  I even know someone who could teach me how to spin the alpaca roving into yarn!

Who can resist the big dark eyes and darling hairdos of an alpaca?  They're so dang cute I might as well get two.

* I'm not implying that Ree Drummond doesn't shave her legs.  Well, I guess I sort of did imply it, but I have no intention of slandering the shapely legs of The Pioneer Woman by saying she doesn't shave them.  I'm sure they're lovely, shaved or not.  Make me stop talking now.

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