Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Goodbye, Again

The light is changing and the wind is shifting.  Days of stifling heat are nearly over.  I don't need a weather report, calendar, or almanac to tell me all of that.  The end of the fair brings on autumn as sure as rain and sunshine bring on a rainbow.

Goodbye to all of you I only see once a year.  It was good to see you again.

Goodbye to thrills that tickle your tummy and to food that fills it up like no other food on earth.

Goodbye to the characters city people like me rarely see up close.

There's a chill in the air left by the ghosts who blew in and out over a span of twelve days ~ a chill that will turn the leaves golden and send the birds south. 

Goodbye again, Minnesota State Fair.  You charmed me as you always do and left me wanting more.  I'll meet up with you again next year.


Husby said...

Another great Fair! Total attendance was only 20,625 shy of the record in 2009. Food, fun and Alpacas! See you next year my "Midwest Brigadoon".

MaryAnn said...

Sara, if you and Husby had gone a little more often to the Fair this year, maybe we wouldn't have fallen shy of the 2009 record! Geez, where are your priorities anyway? What were you doing instead - sleeping? Ha, ha! I had two fabulous Fair-going experiences this year, thanks to you and Husby. Already looking forward to next year!

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