Monday, September 26, 2011

The Shawl

It began last fall, my admiration of The Shawl.  Miss M. was wearing it.  She looked so classy, funky, and glamorous all at once.  I asked her if a mutual friend, Miss L., made it for her.  She said yes.

I got on Facebook and told that mutual friend, Miss L. how much I loved the shawl I saw, and how much I would love to have one for my own.  I never heard from Miss L.  I was sad.

Springtime came and I saw Miss L.  I asked if she had seen my request on her Facebook Wall.  "Wall?" she asked.  "I never look at that thing.  I'm too busy milking the cows to play around on the computer much."  So I told her about Miss M. looking so fashionable and cozy in the shawl she made and how I longed for one of my own.  Miss L. was happy that I liked her work.  She asked what colors I would like.  I said reds and browns.  She said those colors would look good on me.  Then she said she'd begin the project.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Miss L. again.  I didn't know if she had finished The Shawl as she is very busy milking the cows and has many personal things to which she attends.  I was eager to receive The Shawl, but decided to wait for her to tell me if she had finished it.  Not only did she finish it, she actually presented it to me.  She draped it over my shoulders and proceeded to take the ends and wrap them around the front of my waist and tying them in the back.  "That's how a real shawl works," she said.  Miss L. would know.

The photo does not do The Shawl justice; alas it was Husby's first time using my camera.  Truly, The Shawl is just so wonderful. 

I haven't told you the best part.  Miss L. doesn't take a trip to Michael's or The Yarn Barn to pick out some skeins in this color and that and knit up a shawl.  Oh no.  Miss L. raises the sheep and llamas.  She shears the animals.  She spins the wool into yarn.  She dyes the yarn.  And then she knits the yarn into whatever creation she wishes ~ in this case The Shawl. 

This particular shawl was made with 40% wool, 40% llama, and 20% mohair.  It is so warm and beautiful and I will treasure it forever.  And by treasure I mean use it like it was meant to be used.  And I'll think of Miss L. every time it keeps the chill off on those cold winter nights just as she said she thought of me while she made it.

The Shawl.  What a fabulous piece of art.  What a cozy way to walk into a Minnesota winter.  Thank you for sharing your talents with me Miss L.

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