Friday, January 09, 2009

The Great Recycling Project

The Great Recycling Project continues. I’ve been finding little piles of magazines all around the house and am trying to whittle down their number. I’m going through each and every one of them page by page determining what articles, pictures, ideas I want to keep, and what can go into the recycling bin.

The pages I want to save are cut out somewhat carefully with a little Exacto knife. Multiple-page articles and instructions are stapled together. For now the project serves as a purging of space-consuming magazines and catalogs.

Next I figure out a way to neaten the “keeper” pages, those recipes, decorating ideas, and craft projects that appeal to me.

It seems with the beginning of every year I resolve to be more organized. To find the time to do everything I want. Will I be able to play the piano more this year? Will I be able to cook more? Entertain more? Keep a cleaner house? Grow my business? Redecorate a room or two? Read more books? Read more magazines?

My resolution begins this year with the magazines. I’ve already cleaned out about four year’s worth stored in a tub down in my studio. I now use that tub to store miscellaneous craft supplies, which in turn makes more space on the shelves to fill with new projects.

I also resolve to make better use of my Outlook Tasks page and my planner. Lists are an anal-retentive’s best friend. And oh, the lists I’ve created! Now to view these lists as things I must actually do in the time allotted, instead of seeing them as mere suggestions.

Little by little. One attempt at organization leads to another. Pretty soon even my closets will be in order. There will be a place for everything, and everything will be in its place. The clutter will be eliminated and order will become my most productive asset.

It all just sounds so dreamy…

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