Friday, January 30, 2009

What If?

How often do you wonder what if? I think it’s human nature to wonder about the road not taken or about the outcome of an upcoming event. What if I fail? What if I succeed? Many talk about the fear of failure or success. There is definitely something to that, especially if one is rendered somewhat stagnant at the prospect of failing or succeeding. But to just wonder about it, that’s something completely different.

I wonder what if all the time. I’ve lately been faced with a new adventure and I’m wondering the usual what-if-I-fail/what-if-I-succeed thing. If I fail, I’ll be no worse off than if I hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunity presented to me. If I succeed, I could get into a situation much deeper and more demanding than I can physically and mentally handle, or I could fling myself into a whole new world of opportunities.

But did you notice how I wondered about those scenarios? If I fail I will be no worse off. If I succeed I could get into a situation … I know the outcome of failure. I can only speculate the outcome of success. When it comes time to make the actual decision which will I choose?

I’m going for speculation. I’m going to put myself outside of the comfort zone in an attempt to grow and learn. It makes me feel a little daring, to risk success.

Wish me luck!

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