Tuesday, January 06, 2009


As joyous as Christmastime was for me there were times when I forgot to be jolly and let the shortcomings of others bother me. Simply being bothered wasn’t enough, of course, and I let some of these actions grate on me and take away from what was really important. Don’t you just hate when that happens? The moments didn’t last too long, but longer than I cared for.

I’ve learned that focusing on the shortcomings of others is merely a demented way to feel better about oneself. I know someone who uses a blog to complain. And complain. And then complain some more. Nothing is as she would have it. Her husband isn’t as available as she would like him to be. Her children don’t behave as she would have them behave. She focuses on her losses rather than counting her blessings. Why would one read such a blog? I’m not really sure why I do, except that it serves as an example of how not to be.

If you’re looking for some hope, some happiness, some example of celebrating life simply because it’s there for the taking, check out this little video. It’s an example of how to be. It’s also an example of how pure silliness and joy is contagious. Celebrate life. It’s just too short to spend dwelling on the negative. Oh, and while you’re at it, do a little dance. It will make you smile.

To view the hi-def version, click here. Thanks, Matt.

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