Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet The Browns

Do you go through color phases? I had an orange phase not too long ago. Seemed all of my candles were orange, or some shade thereof. Unfortunately they didn’t sell too well, especially to those who purchase candles on the basis of the color of their décor. Oh, I know, orange brightens up any décor, but I couldn’t convince them all of it.

During my annual tidy-fest in Craft Land I did a rather in-depth inventory of things hidden in boxes on top shelves as well as the myriad of candles waiting patiently for delivery to their intended destinations. Some of those destinations haven’t been determined yet, but destined they are. I realized that I had gone through yet another color phase…brown.
There are all sorts of browns. The red browns, the purple browns, the green browns, the blue browns. Yes, there are even orange browns. I tend to lean toward the red and purple browns. And the orange browns. Brown was my thing for a while, and I have a few candles to show for it.
The browns are going to make an appearance in my shop. Check them out. Unlike orange, browns compliment most décors. Earthy and rich. And that’s not saying anything about the scents. Oooh! I can see why I had a brown phase. I’ll probably have another soon.

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