Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lovely Bloggers

Today I was complimented on a simple beeswax candle. I say simple when it is indeed the most superior of all candles (in my opinion after being a chandler for over a decade) in that it is 100% pure. No fragrance oils. No dyes. Just sweet, pure beeswax and a cotton wick. Heaven! It's hard to convince the world these are indeed superior when the delicious fragrances and wonderful colors of alternate waxes brighten and freshen up a room so effectively. And truly, there's nothing wrong with paraffin, soy, and palm waxes. But beeswax is the Queen of Waxes. She smells delectable all on her own and even gives a brighter flame than the other waxes.

Audra, a most talented illustrator and designer, told me she fell in love with my beeswax. Not only that, she featured it on her blog! Go and see what she has to say on her blog. Not only does she have the creative thing going to the Nth degree, she's got some really cute kids and a very handsome husband. Talk about a dream life! Keep up the good work Audra, and thanks so much for featuring me and many other Etsy shop keepers on your fabulous blog.

Here's a sample of Audra's work. How adorable! Her switch plates are made of wood (Yay!) and are all hand-painted. You can find more of her work at Green Meadow Lane.

And here's that little beeswax number Audra liked so much:

Here's to the bloggers who love each other's work!!!

1 comment:

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Sara! You're the BEST! I do love your beeswax candle and plan on visting your store more often!

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