Friday, June 12, 2009

A Slow Start To Spring Cleaning

There's nothing better than the smell of amonia and Murphy's Oil Soap in the Spring.

I schedule my spring cleaning regimen to begin in April. This year, however, I was busy making hundreds of votives for the Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener for the majority of the month. Thrown off the schedule, I've had a hard time catching up.

So I take the chores one at a time. They're not chores I hate doing. In fact, I'm pretty sure I get the same dose of endorphins washing walls as those skinny girls get jogging all over the neighborhood without getting as sweaty.

Once a year the scrubbing commences. Room by room the stagnant air of winter is freshened with open windows and more-than-usual attention to detail. Everything from windows to heating vents get special attention during the ritual. The little nooks and crannies that are ignored during regular weekly cleaning stand up and cry out, "GET THIS DUST OFF OF ME!"

Alas, summer is sneaking up on me and I'm less than halfway through what is needed for total satisfaction. No matter, it's like prolonging bliss.

One thing I really love about spring and summer is my clothesline. Nothing feels better than crawling into a bed with sheets fresh from the line. That freshness is also now a part of my lace and sheer curtains. Downy fresh is good, but sunshine fresh is the best.

If you haven't participated in the marathon that is spring cleaning, I highly recommend it. Not ready to tackle the whole house? Try just one of the many chores - washing the woodwork or cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. Or just take one room and detail it from top to bottom.

This weekend I'm washing the bannisters and cleaning out my closet. The closet will be interesting. There's about a foot of dust under the dresser. I'm also going to start a donation bag for everything I've outgrown or don't wear anymore. I can hardly wait to see how much space I'll have to store the new wardrobe I've been dreaming of.

And don't worry, a little spring cleaning has never turned anyone into Martha Stewart. Except Martha Stewart.

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