Friday, June 19, 2009

The Pulp Vamps

The Pulp Vamps are here. Auntie B has created the very sassy and retro drink charms that are The Pulp Vamps. The great thing about these drink charms is they bear an uncanny resemblance to your friends. Get together for a little Cosmo party and slip these babies on the martini glass stems. You'll have a blast!

The Pulp Vamps can now be found in my shop. I've given each vamp a name of her own, but if you're really nice to me, I can make these personalized. All you need to do is let me know in the Notes To Seller section what you would like the names of these ladies to be. The label on the box will reflect your choices. These would make great favors at a bachelorette party. Use them throughout the night and let the girls take their charm home with them.

Below is the Pulp Vamps I set. Included in this set are Randi Redhead, Smoking Selina, Dreamy Daphne, Carefree Carol, Come Hither Connie, and Voluptuous Velma.

Next is the Pulp Vamps II set. It includes Sultry Susan, Screaming Mimi, Worried Wilma, Sad Sally, Nicotine Nancy, and Terrified Tami.

Finally is the Pulp Vamps III set. It includes Smoldering Samantha, Blissful Beulah, Coy Katrina, Innocent Ina, Chatty Cathy, and Dangerous Darcy.

Visit Auntie B Online today and order yourself a set or three of these fun charms.

Note: Sorry, but there is no mixing and matching with orders of less than ten (10) sets.

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