Friday, June 26, 2009

Magnet Mania

Right now, as you're reading this post, there are twenty-one very fun magnets sitting in my shop. They want a home on your refrigerator, keeping put that recipe you're making for the picnic this weekend. Maybe your locker door at the gym would suite them, to give you motivation, or to make you smile after an especially gruling session with your personal trainer Thor.

Twenty-one magnets, and so many more in the East Wing where I've been storing them. They'll be making their appearances soon.

And here's the best part: I like making these magnets so much that I'll make a bunch just for you, if you want. Say you go to the shop and see only one Someday magnet for sale and you want thirty-five of them to hand out at your Procrastinators Anonymous meeting, I can make those up special, just for you.

And you know what else? All of these magnets are also available as a pin. Instead of the bottle cap being secured to a button magnet, it's secured to a bar pin. How cool is that? Get the same image as a button and a magnet if you like.

The best thing about owning your own Etsy shop is being able to come up with all sorts of solutions. Keep an eye on Auntie B Online for additional magnets/pins to come.

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