Thursday, January 21, 2010

And Now, For The Naughtier You

When we went to my Grandma's house I was always intrigued with her True Story magazines.  My mom would never let me even look at the pile of them laying by Grandma's chair because they were not something a child should see.  They were, okay I'll just say it, smut.

Maybe it was those taboo magazines that gave me a fascination for trashy publications, or maybe there's just some kind of naughty-girl archetype that lives in all of us.  And the best part about smut?  The pictures.

Auntie B is proud to present to you for the first time over the interlinks her version of  Pulp Fiction Artwork, magnet style.  These images-turned-magnet are the cover art of actual paperback novels.  The ones from which your mother would shield your eyes.  They gave good girls bad ideas.  They fed your alter ego. 

I'll be adding dozens of these magnets to my shop over the next few weeks.  No doubt some will strike a chord with you.  No doubt you'll see something perfectly fitting for your girlfriend.  You may even see the cover of a book you saw in the pile of smut at your grandma's house.

Get your smut on over at Auntie B Online.  And tell your friends too!

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