Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Obligations

It was a wet and dreary weekend.  Normally I would love a weekend like that, but that's because I'm pretty much a hermit by nature.  If I can stay in and watch the cold, wind, rain, and snow from a chair by the fire, I'm about as happy as I can be.  Alas, I had to be out in it, stepping in puddles with my new shoes, shaking the raindrops off my coat, and generally not doing the things I would normally do.

Saturday was a happy wedding day for one couple, and Husby and I were obliged to attend.  It was a small wedding, and I was even curious as to why we were invited in the first place.  A happy wedding day to one couple was an awkward and inconvenient day for another.  Oh well, we went and are all the better for it as we not only learned a lot about the families of the wedding couple, we learned a lot about ourselves.  We also learned how to get home from one side of the Twin Cities Metro to the other after missing several of our exits due to construction.

Sunday was spent with Husby's parents.  Mrs. Husby is dying and she was finally ready to talk about funeral arrangements and such.  Husby's parents are very closed and private people and finding out their preferences for something so unbearably uncomfortable as their inevitable death is almost impossible.  Mrs. Husby took me to her closet and showed me some outfits she was agreeable to be buried in, as well as sharing some information regarding a funeral service.  It was a miracle, as sorts, getting that kind of information out of her.  Husby and I have been making some decisions on our own in the event no wishes were expressed, but are glad we can accommodate Mrs. Husby's requests.

Looking back, it was kind of a depressing weekend, but enlightening nevertheless.  I did find some time to play with my new fragrance oils and have begun pouring the dozens of votives I will have by the summer season.  Tested were Key Lime and Nag Champa.  I kind of like the latter, but don't know if it really corresponds to the violet color I gave the wax.  Oh well, what am I if not unpredictable? 

This week will bring more pulp fiction magnets to the shop.  I'm sure you'll find one to fit your fancy.

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