Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Blissful It Is

Now that my internet is up again I've been searching out new blogs and inspirations.  And oh what a time I'm having!  Inspired I am, even if only to blog a little more.  For Christmas Husby gave me Blogging for Bliss, a lovely book created to inspire "crafters, artists, and creatives of all kinds" to blog their little hearts away.  Not only does author Tara Frey provide a wonderful guide to starting a blog or sprucing up an existing one, she also spotlights several creative bloggers. 

Without a doubt I will be referring to these bloggers in the future.  I've already put a lot of them into My Favorites and when I can I follow them on Twitter or Facebook.  Their links will also appear in the Inspirations section of my sidebar.

I'm just so excited.  This year is shining bright with prospects and hope.  I've feeling adventurous, and am fueled by the creative offerings of so many out there in the blogosphere. 

Well I could just gush on about Tara's book and all the delightful bloggers she features.  Spare yourselves my blatherings and get the book.  It's especially wonderful reading with a cup of hot chocolate!


Cheri said...

Great idea and so is the hot chocolate..thanks Sara!

Raveled Yarn said...

Yes, I can see a big change since I last visited your blog. Enjoy!

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