Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Handwritten Note

For a while now I've been a little sad about the demise of the handwritten note. With e-mail and e-greetings being so convenient handwritten letters and notes are becoming a thing of the past.

When I was a kid I used to hate it when my mother reminded me over and over again to write my thank-you notes after every birthday, Christmas, and any other occasion that brought gifts my way. I couldn't think of what to say; my notes seemed so pointless and dumb. The thing of it is, I'm now grateful to my mom for making me write those notes.

Genuine gratitude for the nice things people do becomes stronger the older one gets. And with that I found my thank-you notes aren't pointless and definitely aren't dumb. Granted, in the beginning I was conditioned to feel obliged to write thank-you notes.  After years of following my mother's orders the task now gives me cause to stop for a moment and think about the person who was so generous to give me a gift for a special occasion.

I'll admit, a typed e-mail from me would probably be much more legible than my handwriting, but it wouldn't cause a tiny bright spot in the day when you get something in the mail that isn't asking you to apply for a credit card or pay a bill.  If there is personal correspondence in the mail, it is the first item to be opened.

A thank-you note doesn't have to be lengthy. That's why they make "note" cards - to keep things short and sweet. So how hard can it be?

I made my Christmas thank-you notes this year.  The image is from a vintage children's book and the inside is, of course, blank. I was a little late in sending out my notes this year, so I chose a winter theme for the image, rather than a Christmas theme.

As much as I hated being made to write thank-you notes as a kid, I'm glad I still write them today. They are a good discipline, they are good manners, they provide an outlet for creativity (especially if you make your own cards), and they will most likely put a smile on their recipient's face.

And plus, no one will ever tuck an e-mail under their pillow.  If you don't hand-write notes and letters, give it some consideration.  It's pretty likely your efforts will be appreciated.  Maybe even cherished.

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