Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

It was a magnificant nine feet tall (without the star).  It was home to over 100 ornaments and 1470 lights.  It shone with sparkly beads and icicles.  The Christmas Tree.  What a wonderful tradition.

A rather bad picture, but this way you can see it as I do without my glasses on.

When I started to disassemble what took me two days to set up, I felt really sad.  It's that way every year.  The glow of a Christmas tree makes any girl look beautiful, sort of like candle light does.  The glow and the season are over, which means no more Christmas cookies, fudge, or parties.  Taking down the tree means the end of holiday fun.  No more Santa, no more gifts, wrapping paper, ribbon.

But after removing about five ornaments, I suddenly wanted it to be gone.  It's time to go away.  The needles are brittle.  I want to get this task over with as soon as possible.

It took me an entire weekend to set up the tree.  It took me three hours to take remove all the ornaments, lights, and other adornments.  It took another thirty minutes to vacuum the needles out of the carpet. 

What once stood as a glorious symbol of the Christmas season, a topic of conversation for our holiday visitors, a display of ornaments representing gifts and ancestry has been left at the curb for the garbage guys to deal with.  Its withered branches have served their purpose and its wonderful aroma will have to be duplicated by potpourris and candle scents. 
You served us well, Oh Christmas Tree. 

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