Friday, April 09, 2010

Fresh Air

One of the biggest reasons I like living in Minnesota is the benefit of four distinct seasons.  Sure, there are some seasons I like more than others, but each of them have something wonderful to offer and I'm always happy to experience all of the beginnings.

The crisp air of winter is giving way to the breezy, slightly more humid air of spring.  Spring air smells wonderful.  Husby and I are firm believers in allowing fresh, outdoor air into our home during the spring and summer.  Conditioned air, while controlable and constant, has nothing on real air circulating throughout the house.  And so with the commencement of warmer temperatures and light breezes comes open windows and a little bit of spring cleaning.

The rite of spring cleaning officially began when I took the feather bed out to the back deck to air out.  I'll miss the cushy softness the feather bed brings to our slumber, but the flannel sheets are being replaced with light cotton, and the feather bed must be put away until the wind switches and autumn makes its way back to us.  But before the lofty goodness of the feather bed is stored in the cedar trunk, I like to take it out into the fresh air and sunshine for a day.

You might be hearing a lot about my spring cleaning rituals in the coming posts.  Then again, you might not.  I've yet to come up with an effective routine that allows me to get all of the tasks done every single year.  It's time consuming, tedious, and can be just a little boring.  This year I'm going to give myself a break and take my time with the spring cleaning to reduce the physical and mental stress of hitting it too hard, even if it takes me until Halloween to complete it.

For now I'm satisfied to know the feather bed is aired out.  That simple act has put me in the mood to do a little more.  A little bit every day.  How wonderful and renewed the house (and I!) feels with the deep cleaning that comes with spring.  It all starts with that fresh, spring air.  Who knew something so invisible could be so inspiring?

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