Monday, April 19, 2010

I Have A Thing For Churches

You might remember the post I published on the St. Paul Cathedral just before Easter.  This weekend I was fortunate to experience yet another grand space, and wouldn't you know it was another church.  I have a thing for churches.  Ornate, old, enormous churches.

My nephew Fojo received the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday.  The event was held at St. Mary's Basilica in Minneapolis, MN.  I had never been to this church in all my many years of living in the Twin Cities.  I remembered to bring my camera this time, not only to take pictures of the boy man of the hour on his special day, but also to try to capture the grandeur of this marvelous and inspiring structure.

It's a cool thing to see people being confirmed.  They're making a stand for their faith which, even if you don't subscribe to or agree with that faith, is inspiring.  Believing in something is necessary to one's existential journey, don't you think?

The day was filled with pomp and circumstance, smells and bells, and a bishop with a very cool staff.  If nothing else the Catholics know how to put on a good show, especially in a setting like the Basilica.

Besides being proud of my Fojo taking this big step in his spiritual existence and going through months of preparation to do so, this event was yet another instance where I was moved beyond words by the artistry and genius that went into creating a church like the Basilica. 

A kick-ass organ doesn't hurt either.

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