Friday, April 23, 2010

Not Exactly Royalty

Today I will be crowned.  I will be seated in a throne, of sorts, but sadly will not receive a crown like this...

Instead I'll be seated in a cushy dentist's chair (the aforementioned throne of sorts) and receive a crown on that pesky back tooth that shattered when I bit into a rye crisp contained in a bag of Gardettos.  I don't blame the Gardettos.  I still love the Gardettos.  In fact I didn't even know I broke the tooth until my tongue ran into the jagged remains of silver filling.  I'm sure the tooth particle had a marvelous journey through my digestive system.

So today I am crowned.  Today there will be no Gardettos.  Perhaps a liquid diet will suit me better. 

Chew carefully and have a wonderful weekend.

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