Monday, April 05, 2010

Thank God For Fat Pants

Easter always makes me feel so...springy.  I was completely lame this year in that I didn't even put out my Easter decorations throughout the house.  I don't want to become one of those people who doesn't decorate for the holidays.  Luckily, when Ruthie and Ray came over the other night there were some decorations out - never mind they were leftovers from Christmas!  Santa is definately festive, but certainly not springy.

Husby was forgiving when I apologized for the unadorned house.  We were fortunate to be spending the day at my parents' house which is guaranteed to be decorated for the appropriate holiday.  They hide Easter baskets for the kids (Charlotte's boys) even though they are a freshman and senior in high school.  They don't make the adults hunt for eggs or baskets.  My mom gives us easy access to the treats.  A platter is full of delicious treats like Cadbury Eggs and Peeps, foil-wrapped eggs and chocolate bunnies.  The best part about the candy platter?  It is always replenished when running low on goodies which results in a never-ending sugar buzz. 

Of course all of us I ate way too much.  I couldn't get into my sweat pants fast enough once I got home. 

I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter and that it marks some new beginnings for you.  After all, isn't that what spring is all about?


MaryAnn said...

You made that table covering? And won a blue ribbon? I never knew that? How come I didn't know that? It's beautiful. I think you need to make one for me! As for the fat pants, believe me when I say I completely understand.

Sara said...

MaryAnn, there's lots you don't know about me. (HeeHee!) ;)

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