Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

It's springtime.  Yesterday in Minnesota we reached a temperature in excess of seventy degrees.  I don't think we'll be getting snow anytime soon.  I'm having a hard time getting out of hibernation mode, but I can't ignore the tugs of energy that accompany warmer weather.

The upcoming weeks will be busy ones.  Following the preparations of spring come the fruits of the summer.  And so it is time for me to plant the seeds.

I've decided to take a little Spring Break from the blog until the Easter holiday has passed.  I'll be back again next Monday.  I have great plans to post at least every single week day, take more pictures (and get better at that), and share with you the adventures I undergo as I begin another season of discovering just what it is I'm capable of. 

In the meantime I want you to picture me basking on a tropical beach sipping fruity drinks.  I won't actually be doing that, but you can picture it anyway.  The Easter holiday weekend is always busy, and in my spare time I need to organize my thoughts, my Craftland, and my entire home in general.  I will also be filling out applications and making preparations for shows this summer.  At least I'll get a start on all of these things.

So have a very Happy Easter.  Be inspired by the glee of children and the rebirth happening in all of nature.  Most importantly, but sure to take in as many Peeps and Cadbury Eggs as you can stand.  There's nothing more sweet than a sugar coma.

See you Monday!

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