Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Saturday, In Haiku

Dragging myself out of bed on Saturday I couldn't get motivated.  When I asked myself WWMPD I decided to write poetry while I did my Saturday chores.  I'm known for my naughty clever limericks, but thought haiku might be the way for me to go in this case.  Remember those?  First line, five syllables.  Second line, seven syllables.  Third line, five syllables.  Easy enough, and it doesn't even have to rhyme!  Mary Poppins would be so proud of me, finding the "element of fun in every job that must be done."  Mrs. McComber would also be proud, knowing I retained her teachings in fifth grade English class.

So I give my, My Saturday:

Going down the list
Of nonnegotiable chores
Will I get them done?

The kitchen counter
A mess of unopened mail
Was it important?

Folding laundry whites
Wow, I need new underpants
These ones are ratty

Dust bunnies don’t hop
They glide along the vinyl
Floor, like ice skaters

My sad baby tears
Can anything save this plant?
Unlike brown-thumbed me?

The mighty vacuum
Doing what I command it
Sucking perfectly

Checkbook to balance
Our hard-earned cash reduced to
Slips of green paper

Thinking of dinner
I have no need to worry
Husby said he’ll cook

A beeswax candle
Glows bright like a star
In the quiet night


nano said...

Fertilizer spikes
Will do the baby tears good
And cheap and easy

Double check. I think my syllable clapping is correct.

Sara said...

Nano -

You are my savior
My plant will be so grateful
Will keep you posted

Don't you just love Haiku? Very fun!

Cheri said...

You brought a smile to my face
your Saturday in Haiku
do I know what I am doing here
but I like your poem

Sara said...

Cheri you're funny
You don't write Haiku well but
Earned points for trying

It's easy! 5-7-5. Will I get more comments in Haiku? I'll certainly respond in it.

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