Friday, March 19, 2010

My Roots - Candles

There was a post I wrote before where I wondered if the name of my business is still appropriate.  The internet sees my work as cute bottle cap magnets, smutty pulp fiction magnets, and ice-breaking drink charms.  I've limited my waxes on the internet simply because the shipping can be expensive when ordering online.  Candles are heavy, and if you sell them one at a time it can be off-putting to see a shipping rate of $7.  Of course the more you buy the increments at which shipping increases is less, but this isn't really a post about shipping charges. 

It's all about the wax.  As much as I love to play with the bottle caps and laugh at the pulp fiction pictures as they roll through the laminator, I never tire of seeing and smelling a freshly poured candle come out of its mold. 

Lately I've been pouring the "green" candles.  All-natural palm wax makes such a beautiful candle.  It's got such an interesting texture, feeling much drier than paraffin.  Palm wax candles can also be stored in your hot attic in the summertime and will not get soft or misshapen.  That says nothing for the really interesting surface designs that occur naturally during the cooling process.

Then there's the beeswax.  In my business you'll never find a beeswax candle scented with oils.  That's disappointing to some, but my integrity will not allow masking the wonderful scent nature provides in beeswax.  I also don't dye beeswax, although you might find some embellished with appliques cut from colored beeswax sheets.  For the most part my beeswax candles are a natural color or ivory, which is achieved through a major filtering process.  When you buy a beeswax candle from me, it is the most pure candle you can get. 

I've been busy pouring lately, preparing for upcoming shows I hope to do throughout the summer and fall.  I've also thought I should get more candles into the online shop, despite what some may consider outrageous shipping charges. 

Are you a candle lover?  I'd be interested to know what scents you like, what colors appeal.  Have you tried alternative, more environmentally friendly waxes?  Give me some inspiration!

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