Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Spring Is Almost Here - Where's The Flower Shop?

Well I've done it. The Pulp Fiction Magnet collection has been listed in its entirety at my shop.  I just love these little snippets of smut.  Be sure to stop by some time and check them out. 

Now what's next?  I have some really wonderful palm wax votives fresh out of the melting pot I might offer up.  I've also been working on the bottle cap drink charms and will reprise them in the shop shortly.  OK, you caught me.  It could be I'll be having a couple of new charm sets to offer.  All I have to do is take pictures of the finished products.

Today I was quite sad to see my favorite flower shop in the skyways of St. Paul has been closed.  I never bought a thing there, but it was always a source of inspiration, looking at the window displays and smelling wonderful natural scents as I walked by.  I was oddly affected by the empty shop, saddened at the megastore mentality that has seeped into our lives squeezing out the quaintness of small businesses.  Do you have a favorite small business that inspires you?

This isn't the flower shop of which I spoke.  This one is in France.  I guess I have a thing for quaint flower shops.

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