Monday, March 29, 2010

Music For A Grand Space

Charlotte invited me on a "Holy Date" on Sunday.  The event was Music For A Grand Space.  It was a date because Charlotte and I haven't been out alone together for a while.  It was holy because it was held in the St. Paul Cathedral.  What a grand space it is.

Four choirs (including one brass choir)  from the University of Minnesota gathered and performed a concert held for the public, free of charge. I'm getting pretty old as these college students looked just like the little children they actually are, although they had very grown-up voices.  The music was wonderful. 

As for the grand space...well, words just can't describe the majesty of the Cathedral in St. Paul, MN.  The minute I stepped into the building I kicked myself for forgetting my camera.  I'm using pictures provided on the St. Paul Cathedral website.

Buildings like this nearly make me want to cry.  I'm always so moved by the grandeur.  The flippant way the word awesome is thrown around today minimizes things, like this building, that are truly awesome. 

The first piece began.  It was performed by the brass choir, along with soul-bursting organ.  I had goosebumps and a lump in my throat.  At that moment so much in my life came into perspective.  Bach - Nun Danket Alle Gott.  It boggles my mind to know someone could compose such music, and that it has been performed by such talented people for centuries.  Centuries!  Almost nothing lasts as long as music.

Whether you are Catholic or not, whether you believe in God or not, it's hard to be in a building like this and not think about higher powers, divinity, or even passion.  The talent and inspiration found in the architecture and artwork of the Cathedral is unfathomable to me. 

My thanks goes out to  Charlotte for thinking of me for this "Holy Date."  I also have a renewed appreciation for the hard work and talent that comes from young people studying and mastering the art of music.  As always, a trip to the St. Paul Cathedral inspires me and puts me in a dizzying state of wonder. 

P.S.  I know - I totally have to go to Europe and see the churches and cathedrals there.  I'd most likely be reduced to a bawling idiot.

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