Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Thundershower

The day started out slowly. I tended to procrastinate for the most unreasonable reason of all - there was too much to do. Like a deer in headlights I examined the list of things I had to accomplish. Staring. Not wanting to do any of those things.

I finally started to pick away at the chores and tasks. I tidied up the rumpus room in anticipation of evening guests. I poured a custom candle order. I cleaned the powder room. I changed the bedding. Little by little the tasks were getting done, but the list was still very, very long.

Then I heard it in the distance. A roll of thunder. The sky got darker. And then fell the most lovely spring rain. A little lightening, a little more thunder, and steady rain. I went outside, standing under the overhang at the front door. The smell of wet dirt was delicious.

Once the rain began I realized I wouldn't finish everything on that long list of things to do. I decided to sit and enjoy the spring thundershower. There would be a little time to spare between now and getting ready for the evening events. I'll just sit, not wasting time, but savoring the entrance of spring.


MaryAnn said...

Where's you get that plant hook? I love it!

MaryAnn said...

Sorry, that was suppose to be "where'd" you get that plant hook. How do you edit comments once you've posted them?

Sara said...

I'm not sure, but I think we got the plant hooks (we have a pair) in Galena, IL. I love them too. They remind me of something you might find in New Orleans or Savannah.

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