Monday, March 28, 2011

Bam! Splat! Kapow!

Gotham City is a dark place filled with crime.  Even Commissioner Gordon and his right hand man Chief O'Hara can't keep it under control.  Of course they can always count on the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin.

Do you remember the TV series Batman?  It was always one of my favorites, although I never got used to that sideways camera angle they used.  The bat cave was filled with unimaginable (back then) computer devices and scientific stuff.  The bat mobile?  Well, there was just no cooler car ever made with that mighty blast of fire coming out the back of it. 

The archenemies were always fun too, with their shady side-kicks and secret weapons.  They kept the crime fighters on their toes, but never ever got away.  This is the kind of programming that inspired the invention of the TV!

Now you can keep the memories of Batman, the original TV series, alive and rocking at your parties. Auntie B's Wax offers a set of six bottle cap drink charms featuring some of the characters of the show Batman.

Get a set of these charms and your party will be a hit.  As Cat Woman would say, "they're purrrrrfect." 

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