Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Music To Dream By

Sometimes, when it's quiet and I'm all alone, I listen to music ~ music that is so overwhelming to me I get a little scared.  It pulls out the feelings I've been holding deep inside me, forcing me to come to terms with them.  It leaves me in awe of the genius behind the compositions and the talent required to execute such masterful creations.  It reminds me of who I am.

I was in Craftland working on a very repetitive task.  I decided to turn on Jean Michel Jarre's Equinoxe.  I've loved this album since it first came out in 1978.  As the music played and my hands performed the repetitive task, my mind began to wander.  Jean Michel Jarre's music makes me think of really big things, like the ocean or outer space.  With such big things in my mind's eye I couldn't help but dream big for myself.  With every track of the album I would dare myself to dream on. 

By the time I was done with my project and the album came to its finish I was ready to take on the world.  I had a new motivation and inspiration.  I was ready to take big chances and give myself opportunities.  All of this because of a guy in France and a synthesizer.  Jean Michel, thank you.  You fuel my dreams.  Not only that, you're kind of a cutie pie.

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MaryAnn said...

What happened to Wordless Wednesday? Not a criticism of your blog at all by the way as I thoroughly enjoyed the music, but I was looking forward to my Wordless Wednesday fix. I'm all for change, but you really should warn a girl.

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