Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smarty Phone

Trying to keep up with technology Husby and I invested in something I've been afraid of for years...smartphones. Or is it smart phones? See? That's how out of it I am. I don't know if this object is called a "smartphone" (like "telephone"), or if the phone is described with the adjective "smart."  Whatever the case, we both got one. 

They scared me for a long time, the smartphones, but I figured I'd never need one anyway so I could just ignore their existence in the world.  And the thing of it is, these aren't smart phones, they're computers that can also be used as a phone.

But look who I'm talking to.  I'm probably the only one of all of us who doesn't know how to use one of these things and I'll tell you what ~ you're all going to have to suffer for it because I can't type for sh!+ on this thing.  My Facebook and Twitter entries are nothing but gibberish because I can't type with my thumbs.  Yes, that would be me, the oldster who actually took typing class in high school and know the home keys and everything.  I could probably even learn how to type with my thumbs on a regular keyboard, but on those tiny screen keys?  Forget it.

Then we found out the phones we bought, which were introduced last year, are going to be discontinued in a month or two.  ???    Back where I come from something that's been out a year is considered a new model, but here in the 21st century it's considered a relic.

Amazingly I figured out what apps are, I learned how to create contacts, and now I'll even be able to accept credit cards at the craft shows I do because I took a leap into the future, which of course is now.  It will take a while to master, but I'm kind of proud of myself for taking the steps I needed to keep up with the times, especially for the sake of my business.

Funny, but every time I use this amazing piece of technology a song from the past, about the future, rings through my mind.  Enjoy this oldie, and dig those Miami Vice threads!

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