Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dreary March

Typically I love snow storms and thunderstorms and anything that causes the daytime sky to go dark and grey.  On those days I want to stay home and light some candles watch old movies or read a book.  Even if I'm unable to stay home I'm satisfied with glimpses of the gloomy weather from a window by which I pass.

But March.  March is my least favorite month for many reasons, most of all because of the weather.  The air temperature is never consistent and I have no idea how to dress appropriately.  The snow is still in patches on the ground but is ugly and dirty.  Where there is no snow the grass is brown and the ground beneath it is saturated and squishy.  Spring is just aching to bloom, but March always holds it back.  March is the dull brown transition from the brilliant whiteness of winter to the vibrant green of spring.  Gloomy and dreary, usually my favorite moods, wear thin on me in March.

Husby and I decided next year we will fly away in March, for some of it at least.  We'll see if that ever comes to be.  For now I'll keep the shovel ready just in case, and keep both winter wool and spring rain coats available, depending on what kind of day March decides to dish out.  And for now I'll remember how much I like to watch the rain drops.  Or the snow flakes.  Whatever.

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