Monday, April 18, 2011

Ammonia, Vinegar, And Murphy's Oil Soap

I've talked about spring cleaning a lot on this blog.  Every year I fail to complete all the tasks on my list, but still partake in the ritual as much as I can and as much is absolutely necessary. 

Slow and easy is my method this year.  Just a little at a time so it doesn't seem so overwhelming.  The rumpus room was my focus this past weekend.  The furniture was vacuumed and the windows were washed.  The baseboards were vacuumed and cleaned and the woodwork washed.  Lampshades were and light bulbs were vacuumed.  I feel like such a homemaker when I actually put those vacuum cleaner attachments to work.

I didn't tackle washing the walls, but they totally need it.  It's a daunting task to be sure as I have a vaulted ceiling in the rumpus room.  I procrastinate, sometimes for years, on any job that requires a ladder.

Despite a mid-April snow shower and very chilly temperatures my spring cleaning tasks are getting checked off slowly but surely.  Maybe the snow is what motivated me ~ just like the snow that aroused Dorothy in a field of poppies. 

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