Monday, April 11, 2011

Husby's Hosta Bed

At no matter what point we are in our lives, things will always change.  The seasons in Minnesota are a constant reminder to me how things will eventually turn into something else.  The change might be one that makes me happy or one that makes me sad.  I relish each change as it comes, good or bad, because I know it won't last forever. 

Just a few weeks ago our backyard looked like this.

I love the landscaping Husby did with our backyard.  There's a beautiful hosta bed underneath all of that snow.  And any of you who know me also know I love the fresh look and feel of winter.  Things are brisk and clean.  Though I love wintertime I can't see the hosta bed. 

And so the season turns to spring.  Early spring makes me restless and crabby.  It's dirty and brown and ugly.  The temperature rises and the snow melts completely.  When the air starts smelling like wet dirt I know the beautiful part of spring is nearly here.  And Husby's hosta bed, though appearing dead, is visible.

With the coming of spring we feel a sense of renewal.  The redwing blackbirds gather in the bare tree tops and instead of icy snow comes nurishing rain.  I've noticed a sense of renewal in my business life too.  I've been taking a hard look at how Auntie B's Wax is progressing and growing and have decided to throw a little fertilizer into the mix ~ a little boost of sorts.  I've also decided to do some weeding, which is necessary for the new growth to thrive.

The changes of spring are exciting, but the calmness of winter is gone.  It's hard not to reflect on what is missing, but the transformation can be exhilerating.

I can only hope the changes I make in my business produce glorious results similar to Husby's hosta bed in summertime.

Summer is a time of exaggerated activity in Minnesota.  People are outdoors as much as they are allowed, the sunlight lingers well into the evening, and Husby's hosta bed is lush and full of activity both seen and unseen. 

Summertime brings on a new season for Auntie B's Wax too, with craft shows and festivals and baring my wares for all to see.  The fertilizing and weeding done in springtime was done in speculation, and summertime brings a slight feeling of anxiety as I can only hope the results of my previous care will be satisfying. 

Then comes autumn.  While the business is still in a very active state the colors change and things slow down a little.  In the hosta bed there are less birds using the bird bath and the leaves of the flora turn golden.  The temperatures in the air cool down a bit, bringing relief from the blazing sun and humid air of summer. 

The hurried lifestyle of summertime is decreased and everything prepares to be put to sleep once again.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting these past few weeks.  There are changes in my business that have to be made if I want to continue it without loathing.  After all, the whole point of going into business for yourself is to do something you love.  Things have to change when challenge is replaced with stress and request is replaced with demand. 

The changes I face are uncomfortable, but necessary.  I can only hope the choices I make will yield vibrance and healthiness for me and my work.  My wish is that Auntie B's Wax will always be around with natural changes occuring here and there...just like Husby's hosta bed.

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