Thursday, April 14, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

I've decided to spend some of my down time (??what's that??) and play around with writing.  I've always liked to write, but find my motivation has become more presentation than expression.  To get back into expressing myself through writing, whether it's on this blog, a small thank-you note, or jumping into producing the Great American Novel I've turned to The Right To Write by Julia Cameron.  This will be my second time through the book.  The following is the result of the first "invitation" to write.  It is three pages of hand-written free-form thinking.  So if it isn't coherent don't fear you are having a stroke or something ~ it's just me and my scattered brain transcribed on paper. 

I'm sitting out on my back deck as I write this.  It's a little brisk compared to the last few days, but my long, bulky sweater is keeping me warm.  I love this sweater.  I bought it when I got married; I knew my new husband kept his house at cooler temperatures and I wanted something I could cozy up in.  That was nearly fifteen years ago.  I usually keep sweaters until the shreds fall off me.

The yard this evening is a dingy yellow color and is a nice contrast to the dark pine trees that line the back fence.  Our Christmas tree is propped up against the wood pile and has retained its perfect shape, has lost no needs, and has turned a regal rust color.  It was the best tree we've had in many Christmases.

Geese fly overhead.  The other day I noticed a snow-white swan flying above me.  The water foul are so much nicer to look at than the occasional turkeys walking around.  What a clumsy, ugly bird, the turkey.  But mighty tasty!

Lately I've been troubled with making decisions.  Not so much troubled, I guess, as nervous.  I know I have to decide things once and for all, but can't bring myself to announce these decisions to the people they affect.  But tomorrow is the deadline I set for one of these announcements.  Well, the proposal to make an appointment to make the announcement.  The outcome of my decision will affect me either positively or negatively, but it will have to be made.  And action, for better or worse, is better than standing stagnant in fear of an unknown outcome.

Besides these life-changing decisions I remain busy with my tasks of business and household.  Spring cleaning has begun, although not at a sprinter's speed at the onset.  But the goal is to get these things done, whether in the span of one month or six months.  I guess my spring cleaning tasks should be renamed "annual" tasks.

And there's a bunny, chewing on a dead leaf.  I bet he can hardly wait for those new tender shoots of grass to start sprouting.  And there's a squirrel in the maple with a mouthful of something that looks like a potato chip, but I'm pretty sure it isn't.  He scurries up to his nest to hide/eat whatever it is safely.  And now bunny is joined by another and partakes in a little grooming activity.

Such activity in the back yard.  So much I miss as I'm busy indoors doing this or that.

Summer is near, despite a forecast of snow this weekend.  The summer weekends are booking up already.  So many activities and events that must be crammed into the warm months so we can stay indoors cozy and warm during the winter.  Good thing I still have my long, bulky sweater for those cold months, and for sitting on my deck on an early spring evening.

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