Monday, April 25, 2011

Prove To Me That You're No Fool ~ Walk Across My Swimming Pool

I hope everyone had a happy Easter holiday.  I spent some time in church, some time with family, and way too much time eating candy.  Halloween and Easter ~ I think lots of us are like kids when it comes to these holidays and the indulgence in candy.  Doesn't matter how old we get.

When I returned home from all the festivities I was surprised to see TCM was offering Jesus Christ Superstar as the evening's 7:00 movie.  Well, maybe surprised isn't the right word.  It made perfect sense that it was showing on Easter, but I've not seen it in the TV listings in, like, ever.

I remember the first time I saw JC Superstar.  I was twelve years old and was allowed to walk down to the Cini Capri theater with Charlotte and her friend (who were fourteen) for the matinee showing.  I guess my mom figured our seeing a movie about Jesus would be harmless enough.

The movie came out in 1973 and was about the coolest thing I could imagine.  Except for, well, Jesus was really cute and they did those dastardly things to him.  Charlotte, her friend and I walked home after the movie, bawling the whole way.  Well, I know I was bawling.  I can't remember for sure if they were, but I like to remember it that way.  Three young girls walking home, crying over what they did to Jesus.  I guess it made an impact.

Watching it on Easter evening brought back memories of spending a hot summer afternoon with the big kids in a dark, air conditioned theater.  We were uber cool (what would Father Finn have said?!) taking in the hippie spin on the story of Jesus.  And I'm sure I' m not the only one who thought Herod's song was about the most bizarre thing to happen to a Bible story ever.  It's my favorite.

Jesus Christ Superstar is a classic worth watching if for nothing more than the whole early '70s interpretation of The Passion. It focuses on psychological conflict rather than blind faith. For a little twelve-year-old girl it told a story much better than a stuffy old man in a pulpit ever could.

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